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Eldy @ Value Ageing

Value Ageing European Project starts 11-11-2010!

Eldy is part of Value Ageing Project,

is a 48 month Marie Curie Industry‐AcademiaPartnerships and Pathways Action funded within the scope of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission.

VALUE AGEING aims to foster cooperation between non‐commercial and commercial entities on a joint research project about the incorporation of Fundamental Values of the EU in Info‐Communication Technology (ICT) for Ageing.

Good technology is not just about making something better; it is about doing something different and consequently making people think differently.

more details at: http://www.valueageing.eu/

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Eldy 2.3 released for Linux & multi

Eldy 2.3 is now available for linux (tgz) and multi user windows.

Go to http://www.eldy.es/download-eldy/ for free download

Free virtual machine with Eldy

This news provided by our French Partner  Christian Leroy , he makes some trial and experiment with our software Eldy.

He published this post:

“A free virtual machine with Eldy preinstalled on ubuntu 10.04 (linux) is now available on VMWare marketplace (http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/691203).

The “appliance” runs with a VMWare Player (free download from VMWare web site).

This a convenient way to use shared computers in some public places such as elderly houses (each user has his own virtual machine) and even a home computer where children and mother can have their own individual environment and data.

The bootable disk of the VM can be cloned to a 4 GB USB key (not copied) and thus you can boot from the key (then no need to use a VMWare Player). Personal data are on the USB key : no personal data are on the shared computer ! Eldy autoruns when starting the virtual machine. Free online help for eligible french users is available with “SOS SONIE” application.

The environment is configured with french language.”

Eldy in Portuguese

We are finalizing the Portuguese version of Eldy!!!

Thanks to our international volunteers of Eldy.net that translate our software in 24 languages of the world

Greek Article

On 23/07/2010 was published an article of Eldy in a greek website

“Εφτιαξα λογισμικό για να παίρνω τα φάρμακά μου”

Read the article/ διαβάστε το άρθρο

Eldy 2.3 now available

Eldy 2.3 is now available.

Thank to the efforts of our developers and the contributions from Eldy.net, we finally released Eldy 2.3.

Languages and localization are growing in number and quality.
This happened thank to the great cooperation of our volunteers on the Eldy.Net – the community for the global e-inclusion that helped translate our software in many other languages and localize Eldy in many countries all over the world. Thank all Eldy.net for this great achievement.

Eldy 2.3 has some new beautiful features:
magnifier in browser, to allow user to increase the font size so that websites are seen and printed in larger fonts
magnifier in email, so that email user receives can be magnified on screen and printed larger. Email now works POP and IMAP
– a large list of bug fixed

We had put a lot of work into fixing all cases on email, so any inconvenience is now under control!

You can both download latest Eldy and install it, or use the automatic update function that is activated clicking the “click” button that appears now on your right bottom corner.

Eldy -Mexico online!

After much anticipation, Mr. Visentin from Eldy-America has announced the availability of Eldy Mexico.
Please visit the Mexico page for all the details.

Descrubres Eldy

Eldy Mexico brochure