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Eldy at CPDP Conferences in Brussels 18/01/2012
Eldy at CPDP Conferences in Brussels

Eldy participates to CPDP – Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, the greatest international conference dedicated to the theme of computer, privacy and data protection in the age of Internet. The conference takes place in Brussels from 25th to 27th Jenuary 2012 at  Les Halles de Schaerbeek... Read more »
We are hiring a Senior Researcher 20/09/2011
We are hiring a Senior Researcher

We are hiring: please follow this  link to post your resume. Job posted by Vegan Solutions srl (19/09/2011 17.47) Research and IT Development on Ageing Citizen Solutions In the framework of Marie Curie Project, Vegan Solutions – Vicenza, Italy is looking for experienced researcher in the filed of... Read more »
“Le navigateur pour les personnes âgées” 5/08/2011
“Le navigateur pour les personnes âgées”

On this LINK the French Softonic has written a nice article about ” Eldy, le navigateur pour les personnes âgées”. Here’s a brief abstract: Avec les grands-parents, c’est souvent la même histoire. Des icônes illisibles, des textes trop petits, des fenêtres à n’en... Read more »
ELDY – a port to TV set top box 29/06/2011
ELDY – a port to TV set top box

A glance at a new, intriguing implementation we’re delivering in these days: a port of Eldy over a television, set top box , for Comune di Pordenone. Although the interface are in Italian, you can see this movie to see the preview of the implementation, from february 2011. We shall publish final... Read more »
Eldy Bruxelles, the papers 1/06/2011
Eldy Bruxelles, the papers

We’ve just published all papers of the conference in Bruxelles at: http://www.eldy.es/progetti/eldy-bruxelles-the-papers/  
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