Free virtual machine with Eldy

Free virtual machine with Eldy

This news provided by our French Partner  Christian Leroy , he makes some trial and experiment with our software Eldy.

He published this post:

“A free virtual machine with Eldy preinstalled on ubuntu 10.04 (linux) is now available on VMWare marketplace (

The “appliance” runs with a VMWare Player (free download from VMWare web site).

This a convenient way to use shared computers in some public places such as elderly houses (each user has his own virtual machine) and even a home computer where children and mother can have their own individual environment and data.

The bootable disk of the VM can be cloned to a 4 GB USB key (not copied) and thus you can boot from the key (then no need to use a VMWare Player). Personal data are on the USB key : no personal data are on the shared computer ! Eldy autoruns when starting the virtual machine. Free online help for eligible french users is available with “SOS SONIE” application.

The environment is configured with french language.”