Eldy reviewed at MakeUseOf

Eldy reviewed at MakeUseOf

A nice article on Eldy has appeared on MakeUseof.com

There are more than 6 million people over the age of 60 who aren’t familiar with the Internet, which is understandable since most operating systems available out there just aren’t exactly geared towards the elderly. There are things that will take some time to get used to, things like file browsers that hint at lots of folders that you’ll never touch and sometimes even cryptic error messages that don’t help much in resolving a problem.

The Eldy Association is an Italian non-profit organization looking to make it easier for new computer users to learn about email, browsing the web and more. According to its website, the Association’s goal is to “reach out to the elderly and disabled community with a simple computer program that can encourage their staying active and social, thus reducing their isolation and loneliness”.

What Is Eldy?

The resulting computer program that the Eldy Association came up with is Eldy, a bundle of essential programs in a easy-to-understand interface for the elderly, with big text and simple, recognizable icons, that has been translated to 22 languages. Think of it as a blown-up mini-operating system that contains an email client, chat system, web browser and even access to a simplified version of Notepad, Eldy TV, and Skype.

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